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This is a continuation of the Naruto story. Where characters had been to have children.

Naruto Gaiden: The seventh Hokage and the scarlet spring

Boy on the right with the yellow hair is Naruto and the girl child on the left with black hair wearing glasses is Sasuke child. Looks scene story is in the classroom. Aburame Shino, academy instructor job. Shino stands before the students were explaining something while holding a shield bearing the head of the Konoha ninja.

Sarada and Boruto

"I'm sure you all already know this. Right ... there's no reason why I show it to you now ..." said Shino
"And that's because ... you pass the exam will take place next week," said Shino

"But it's inconvenient ..." said Shikadai

"I want to take a test that if you can make I lose weight," said Chouchou

"Speak what these guys ... are not you also have to follow it?" said Inojin

"Finally arrived too, eh Boruto..." said the boy next child Naruto

"Yes, this is easy!" Naruto boy replied named Boruto

"The explanation will be given on the day of the exam", said Shino

"Well, I'm definitely going to be a ninja. Eventually we become a real ninja" said Boruto.

Meanwhile, Sarada wondering in their hearts
"I do not understand ... and what if you already pass the exam? Do you want to be? Ninja ...? And what about after you become a ninja? What does it mean to be a ninja? Ninja... Ninja's ... it ..."

Street scene in the village of Konohagakure move. Chouchou and Sarada are running.
"Yaahhh!" said Chochou

"What is it, Chouchou?" asked Sarada

"Have to face my father and exams ... Each day must exercise ... plus more ..." complained Chouchou

"Oh ..." said Sarada respond to complaints Chouchou

"You know, I really do not care about the stupid exercise ... like ... right, right? Let's just buy Anmitsu" continued Chouchou

"You'd better go practice ..." said Sarada

Chouchou is upset to hear the words of Sarada
"Did you underestimate me now? Hey, now I'm annoyed" said Chouchou
"Indeed, you are Sarada of clan because it's probably like a joke to you, but ..." continued Chouchou

"Everybody says so, but ... actually, I do not know .." said Sarada
"Moreover, not the problem" continued Sarada

"So what?" asked Chouchou

Sarada paused and then said:
"You have to meet your father ..."

Suddenly someone calls
"Hey Chouchou"
"Right here"

Someone who called Chouchou, none other than the Chouji. Chouji waving and holding chips. Chouchou's face turn into upset after being called Chouji.

"Ugh, embarrassing," said Chouchou upset

"Hey, a man walked by holding a bag of potato chips is a natural thing, you know ..." said Sarada to dampen resentment Chouchou

"Not that, but it is saltiness. Why did he do it when I like the taste of chicken" said Chouchou increasingly annoyed
"Damn ... he's hard to understand," fumed Chouchou

"Huh ... that ..." said Sarada

Chouji walked over Chouchou and Sarada.
"Hey, Sarada-chan" Said Chouji

"Hello ... Then I go home," said Sarada

"Yes, bye," said Chouchou

Scene switching, typical dress Hokage Naruto is fighting with his son, Boruto. Boruto kick but deflected by Naruto. Naruto turns against Boruto and ... BOF ... Boruto is struck by the smoke. Turns out it is a 'clone' Boruto
"Clone ???" thought Naruto
Boruto the original is on the other side. He shouted, waving his hand
"I am here"

TAP ... Naruto rests in a building close to Boruto.
"How dare he mock his father ..." said Naruto while forming hand seals 'Kage bunshin no Jutsu'

Meanwhile, Sai and Inojin attention to Naruto and Boruto not far from there
"Nanadaime ... poor once you ..." said Sai

Inojin down, pull out a roll of paper and write with ink while forming hand seals and cast stance
"Ninpo ... Choujuu Giga"

From behind Boruto, Sarada appear
"Still doing the same thing, huh, stupid ..." said Sarada

"Shhh ..." Boruto signaled to Sarada into silence. Then Boruto hiding behind the signboard of a shop.

Snip ... Naruto come.
"Sarada," said Naruto

"The seventh Hokage," said Sarada

"You see Boruto?" asked Naruto

Sarada paused and then ...
"There," said Sarada pointing toward the stairs. Whereas Boruto hiding in shop signs next to Sarada.

"Thank you" replied Naruto

Naruto rushed toward pursuing Boruto designated Sarada. After Naruto left, Sarada is thinking had lied to Naruto. Boruto out of hiding.

"I'm grateful, Sarada. It's a long time we did not play hide and seek. So I should not let him find me easily" said Boruto
"You know, to break the previous record" continued Boruto

"Boruto ... Why do not you ..." said Sarada

"If Nanadaime uses his sennin mode, he will be able to find you in a heartbeat," said Shikamaru that comes on suddenly

"I know that. If the father seriously, after all, there is actually no such thing as a record" reply Boruto

Turns Shikamaru came together Shikadai
"I do not know what happened, but ... Hokage definitely hassles that should take care of. I'm sure he's still got a lot more important things" said Shikadai

"That was just a clone, the original is still working in his office" reply Boruto

"All right, back to the new record" continued Boruto

Boruto felt something odd about him. Turns Boruto has tied its shadow by Shikamaru.

"Ah! Jutsu old man Shikamaru" shouted Boruto

"Yes, binder shadow" explained Shikadai

"... Can not ... move ..." said haltingly Boruto

"Do not add more work Boruto. Hokage is a busy man. So did I, instrumentality" said Shikamaru advised Boruto

Boruto bodies vibrate because Shikamaru shadow Jutsu binder.

"Shit," said Boruto upset

"Ahahahahaha" Shikadai laugh

"Although I told you so, did you do exactly what the small time Naruto," said Shikamaru

"Shikadai, one after another bunshin last Hokage," said Shikamaru to Shikadai

"Eh? Why do I ...?" responsible Shikadai
"Troublesome once," said Shikadai upset Naruto told pursuit bunshin

"Huh, I guess this is also the case in my family," said Shikamaru

Meanwhile, Sarada only silenced by the incident between the child and the father. While Sarada had never seen his father.
"My father and I ..." inner Sarada

The scene moved to the house Sarada. Sarada looked at family photos. In the photo, that is Sasuke, Sakura, and Sarada.
"I've never met him. He left when I was a baby. Dad, huh ..." said Sarada inner
"Does he wear glasses?" asked Sarada

Scene switches behind the house Sarada. Looks Sakura who was hanging clothes.

"Hmmm? What?" said Sakura

"What used to be the father wear glasses?" asked Sarada

"I do not think ... maybe ..." said Sakura confused

Sarada was silent on her answers were not convincing

"It ??? ... you married her but you do not know ...?" Sarada said suspect

"When the first young father does not live in the village. Uh ... right now, but ..." said Sakura

"Hey, mom ... do you really his wife?" asked Sarada

"What does this mean. Today you behave grotesquely" said Sakura began emotions

"The strange thing was your relationship with the father. To be honest, even had more than strange anymore" said Sarada

Sakura is getting emotional
"Sarada" Sakura shouted as he punched the ground to crack.
However, once students Tsunade Sakura is included in the trio Sannin. So naturally, if a punch Sakura is able to destroy the land. Sakura's face was so emotional. However, when Sakura saw Sarada the silent faces and like to cry, Sakura becomes the heart and emotions subside.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you ... Uh ... Your father went to an important task. He'll be right back" said Sakura

Sarada tears streaming down his face.

"I'm sure we feel connected, so I'm sure he is now okay" continued Sakura

"How can you be sure?" Sarada asked, still hesitant

Sakura punches ground cracks due to increasingly spread and eventually ... Sakura house was collapsed and destroyed. Sakura and Sarada were amazed to see his home destroyed.

"N ... no ... credit home yet ..." said Sakura stammered

Sakura unfinished continue his word, Sakura fainted. Shock result that has not paid off his house was destroyed. Though it was because of him alone.

Sarada brought her mother to the hospital. Looks Sakura was lying and his head is compressed.
"Gosh, he's so often fainted"
"Well, you will go where? I could call people to call for help about the house" said Shizune

"Do not worry, there is no goods are very valuable to us ..." reply Sarada

Scene switch to the ruins home Sakura. Sarada searching for something amongst the rubble.
"This is it," said Sarada
Sarada finds family picture frame that had stared before the houses were destroyed. Sarada surprised to see anything unusual in the family photo. A photo which combined between Sakura, Sasuke, and Sarada. Sarada then draws pictures of his father.
"Who's next to him ... bespectacled girl" Sarada wonder

Looks real picture, there looks photo Karin, Sasuke, and Suigetsu. At first, the family photo frame is a photo Sakura, Sasuke, and Sarada. Sarada looking at photos of a bespectacled girl who looked like him because Sarada also wears glasses. Sarada feeling becomes unpalatable. Sarada only paused to look at pictures Karin, Sasuke, and Suigetsu.

Meanwhile, it appears Sasuke was in the woods.

Sasuke back

Is Sarada the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura or the daughter of Sasuke and Karin? Let us wait for the next story in Naruto Gaiden chapter 702.

Chapter 701 end

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