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Eve presence of strange ... But no one can escape from the ...

Visible eye of Sharingan Sasuke. Sasuke's Sharingan eyes change into ordinary eyes. Sasuke walking alone in the woods. Sasuke closed his eyes and ...

Someone attacked Sasuke from behind. However, Sasuke was able to avoid such attacks. Someone armed attack chain and unknown whom. Sasuke was about to draw his sword. But the person tying the sword Sasuke with chains. Sasuke form a seal. A moment later, the element of lightning out of the hands of Sasuke and drains his sword. Yes, that is the jutsu 'Chidori' teachings Kakashi Hatake. Slowly, the element chain lightning spread also to the attacker. BZZZZTTT BZZZTTT BZZZTTT

BRUAK, the attacker fell thrown.

Looks picture fan, Uchiha clan symbols on their clothes behind the assailant. Sasuke wondered why anyone would wear the Uchiha symbol other than himself. The attacker got up and slowly turned to Sasuke.

Really unexpected, the assailant eyed Sharingan too. Uchiha clan symbols on their clothes the attacker is not just decoration only, but does he also edged typical Sharingan Uchiha clan. Who is he?

Uchiha Shin sharingan

Sasuke more curious, why did he have Sharingan eye. Sasuke's curiosity led him to ask
"You ..."
"Who are you?"

The attackers said nothing and smiled while forming a seal. Surrounding fall foliage and ... BOFFF ... he was gone.

Scene switching, was a picture of Sasuke with robes taka team. It also seems that the entire contents of the photo. There visible face of Karin, Sasuke, Suigetsu and Jugo. Yes, it's a team photo taka. Someone who holds the photo is Sarada Uchiha who was still curious about the pictures of his father along Karin. Sarada sitting in a chair kept staring at the photo. Suddenly from behind Sarada, someone says
"So, yes ... precious objects were you see it was a picture of your father ..."

Sarada startled by the noise and tried to hide the photo with the face of upset anyone knowing. Turns the sound is Shizune. Shizune walked pensive Sarada looked at the picture of his father.

"Not that I minded weird, but ..." said Shizune

"The picture was already long once," said Sarada

Sarada face looked sad.

"Something like what my father's face now?" Sarada asked curiously

"You is never met with your father?" Behind Shizune asked

"Ummm ... I have something to ask you, Shizune-san. But please do not tell my mother"

Sakura looked image interlude that was lying and compressed.

"Of course not" Shizune replied firmly

"Then, tell me everything that happened when I was born. Who used to help the birth process? Let it all !!!" request Sarada

"I-it ..." Shizune stutter

"Basic medical ninja. You all, even Shizune-san is the same ..."
"I've also been investigating itself out. There was no one at the hospital knows about the birth Leaf"

"But why did you start acting strange ... like this?" asked Shizune

Sarada silence did not directly answer. Sarada looked at the photo again. Sarada more focused to face Karin that she looked like her. Moreover, Karin also wears glasses.

"This girl ... She has the same glasses with me ..."

Scene switching, Chouji and his family were eating together.

"Papa, stop eating burgers are large in front of me," said Chouchou

"Maybe the right question is why do we eat these foods in the morning like this? And it's up to him to eat whatever he wants. People will also die if the time has come, really. But I'm not going to go eat." Chouji wife said, Karui

"Chouchou, are you still in its infancy. So, eat a lot!" said Chouji

Seen one's feet are up to the dinner table Chouji and his family.

"I have, has included large among the other children, you know. And please stop talking like you've got enlightenment so" said Chouchou.

Chouchou suddenly glanced at the side,
"Ah ... Hello ..."

Karui and Chouji turned to coming. They realized someone approached them. People who come are Sarada.

"Sarada," says Chouchou

Chouchou moves the seat and not at the table again with his father and mother Sarada but sat together in the other chair. Chouchou said quietly to Sarada

"Hey, Sarada ... lately there is a problem ... I promise not to tell to someone else, huh?"

"Okay ... what is it?"

"I ... felt that they were not the biological parents of my ..."


"I mean, I just do not like them ..."

Chouji and Karui Chouchou attention from his seat and wanted to know what he was talking about at Sarada.

"Be ... Really ...?" responsible Sarada

"Hah, feel your life is full of drama, huh?" said Mitsuki
"The problem is not unusual for a girl your age, questioned the existence and meaning of themselves ..."

Chouchou was somewhat disturbed by Mitsuki who suddenly joined in.



"In fact, it did not matter, is not it?" Further Mitsuki

"You're a child of the village next to ... uhh ..." Sarada said.

"I'm Mitsuki" Mitsuki introduce ourselves
"And you are Uchiha-san, right?"

"Hey, your eyes as degrading. As you know the fragility of women's hearts only. Right, Sarada" said Chouchou

"You're from the Akimichi clan, right? I do not even need to see the symbol of your clan get to know you" said Mitsuki

Sarada just stopped and asked in her
"Then how with me ... what I did ...?"

Scene switches, looks assailant Sasuke appears from behind. There are also pictures fan Uchiha clan symbol. From a distance looks someone is standing on a rock.

"What about Uchiha Sasuke?" asked the mysterious man

"He ... strong ... very strong ..." replied the attacker Sasuke
"But he ... kill Itachi ... unforgivable ... kill him ..."

"That's right ... Sasuke ... he is a disgrace to the clan ..." said the mysterious man and using pictorial robes typical cloud Akatsuki.

There is actually happening between them with Sasuke? while Sasuke did not know them. Plus, why they were revenge for the death of Itachi to Sasuke Uchiha? they assume Itachi killed by Sasuke. Though Itachi die not killed by Sasuke but because of illness. Itachi died after Sasuke pressed his hand to his forehead while transferring jutsu to Sasuke. (Please read the chapter again when Sasuke against Itachi. There is explained by Zetsu that Itachi disease)

Back to the restaurant where Chouchou and Sarada chatting.

"Then I think to go adventuring ..." said Chouchou whisper
"You know, to find my biological parents. Come with me, Sarada"

Sarada interested in words Chouchou because she was curious about who the biological parents.

"??? Huh? What?" Chouchou asked, surprised at the reaction Sarada

"That ... that him ..." said Sarada

Scene switches looks Sarada was running while holding a photograph of her father with the team taka.

"I'm going to find my father and asked him to tell me everything"

Scene switching seemed foot of a bird messenger. The message was addressed to the Hokage.

"The trick is rather old-fashioned, yes ..." Naruto said as he unrolled the

"Yes, indeed most of its mission to be somewhere where they can not charge the phone. So it is understandable only" said Shikamaru

"What !!! ..." Naruto was shocked to read the contents of the message.

Scene switches again. Seen Kakashi Hatake is holding the telephone.

"What is it, Naruto?" said Kakashi
"I think I already told you that I was on leave at this time ..."

Looks Kakashi Naruto was seriously listening to explanations by telephone. Whether what was said. Kakashi closed his eyes and analyze the words of Naruto. Then opened his eyes and said:
"So if he has the Sharingan ... that means ... although unlikely ... he was a descendant clan ... or ... he's one of the experiments Orochimaru ..."
"Yes ... yes ... okay ... I'm telling Yamato guard. I know where he is ... yup, now hang up"

Scene switches looks Sarada was entering a room.

"All right! Better, we ask directly at Sasuke" Naruto said
"Let's meet Sasuke !!"

DEG ...
Sarada shocked to hear Naruto say so. It turns out she had been about to enter the room Hokage and not so open door Hokage.

"Then, we'll go somewhere Orochimaru. For precaution, a clone would I leave here, so that I myself could get there" said Naruto

"But, the graduation exam is almost here ..." said Shizune

"Even a small spark could cause a big fire ... and there is a possibility we would be late. It's better if we stop it while they can. We'll be leaving during the day arrived" said Shikamaru

Hokage Naruto took the robe and hurried departure.

Scene switches in a forest. Sarada was watching Naruto from behind a tree. She was about to follow Naruto Sasuke that would meet because she was eager to meet her father, Sasuke.
"I must follow the seventh Hokage ..."

From a distance, it looks Naruto is being advised on Shikamaru before going.

"I handed the village and the exam you," said Naruto

"Well ..." said Shikamaru

"I do not care about being a ninja or graduation issue ... I have to find who I was actual" determination Sarada

Chouchou comes suddenly and startled Sarada, who had been overseeing Naruto.

"Hey, you're even more excited about this than me, Sarada"

"Eh? Chouchou! What?"

"You know ... I began to feel when in fact my father was very attractive, you know. Maybe I could meet all the other attractive guy is not it?"

Sarada was silent and correcting glasses. Cold sweat out of her face.

Beyond here is getting cloudy. Similarly, with glass eyes. Do Sarada will allow Chouchou go with trailing Naruto to meet Sasuke?

We look forward to the sequel in Naruto Gaiden chapter 703

Chapter 702 END

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