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Previous story, Naruto gets a message and intends to meet with Sasuke. Knowing Naruto plan, Sarada hiding behind trees along Chouchou to follow Naruto because Sarada wants to meet her father, Sasuke. Let's look at the story Gaiden Naruto chapter 703.

"Convey my request on Boruto ..." Naruto said to Shikamaru
"Well I'd better hurry to depart. Feeling uneasy about this"

Meanwhile, Sarada and Chouchou still hiding behind a tree watching the movements of Naruto.

"It was the seventh Hokage ... What he'll go somewhere?" said Chouchou

Sarada was silent and kept an eye on Naruto.

WUZHHHH ... ... drap drap ...
Naruto leaving Shikamaru and ran off to meet Sasuke. Sarada pulls Chouchou to follow Naruto.

"Oi !!! Chouchou, hurry !!!" said Sarada

"And I want to eat local dishes used to be ..." said Chouchou

Chouchou fell because snagged tree root

"OW !!!" shouted Chouchou

"Sorry. Are you did nothing? You do it why the hell?" asked Sarada

"We're looking for our parents, right? Then why are you so the spirit of that? To be angry anyway" responsible Chouchou

Not long after, Boruto and Mitsuki appear..

"You're a step late ..." said Shikamaru

Boruto held out a box of food that is brought to Shikamaru.

"What is that?" asked Shikamaru

"Lunch," said Boruto

"Oh !!! Well, it's a new apology"

Boruto looked away to hear the words and turned toward Shikamaru will return.

"Come on. Let's go Mitsuki" said Boruto

"We still can catch him, right?" said Mitsuki

Then Sarada and Chouchou manifest themselves.

"If you want, I can give his lunch" offered Sarada

"Eh ?!" Chouchou wonder

".... Sarada ...." said Boruto

"You see, we also want to get out. In the future, we could give it to Nanadaime" Sarada reasons on Boruto
"It's a good idea right Chouchou? You who say that do not want to rush it?"

"I do not matter ... But, did I also can part?" said Chouchou

"Enough, do not ... let me take home and I told the mother only. And he knew that the mother sent me to bring his lunch, but ..." Boruto is annoyed
"Besides, I'm also not the intention to come here" he continued

Sarada was silent and then ...

Sarada holding Boruto shoulder with a serious face.

"What ...?" asked Boruto

"I told you, I'll do for you," said Sarada

Boruto brushed Sarada's hand off his shoulders.

"Enough, do not ..."

Sarada and Boruto looked at each other.. Boruto face looked annoyed.

"Well, if not, I'll eat it ..." Chouchou interrupted conversation Sarada with Boruto

"You, come here a minute ..." said Mitsuki pulling Chouchou so away.

Chouchou looked at Mitsuki with views like those of hunger and want to chew Mitsuki.

"Never mind ..." continued Mitsuki

Tap ... tap ... tap ...
Chouchou finally going away.

"What is this, a declaration of love, huh?" Chouchou asked at Mitsuki

"Your guess even worse ..." said Mitsuki

Boruto increasingly annoyed and say
"It's none of your business !!!"

Shikamaru approached Boruto and Sarada without any comment.

"What should you think, at least, there was still someone who is waiting for you ... If you could ... you alone must do it" said Sarada



Boruto and Shikamaru did not understand what was meant by Sarada.

"And ... bento was not just to eat, do not you?"
"But it also was a lunch that was made by someone dear ..." continued Sarada

Hearing the words of Sarada, Boruto imagines his mother's face, Hinata. Shikamaru just smiled. However, Boruto still upset.
"What the hell your problem ...?"

Shikamaru began commented
"Naruto was heading for the bridge. Come on, give it to him provision, Boruto !!!"

Boruto silent for a moment. Then, Boruto gives it to Sarada provision on the advice Shikamaru.

"Yes, yes ..." said the provision Boruto handing it to Sarada

"I'll make sure to his hand," Sarada said convincing

Soon after that ...

Sarada ran and called Chouchou who was chatting with Mitsuki

"Let's go, Chouchou !!!" said Sarada

"Okay ..." said Chouchou

Sarada and Chouchou ran towards Naruto.

"I think he likes me ... that was just ..." said Chouchou

Sarada not responds to words Chouchou and kept running, smiling. Boruto just quietly looks Sarada.

SREK ... SREK ... SREK ...
Something out of the bushes and watched Sarada and Chouchou. Really unexpected, something that is a creature Sharingan eyes.

Moving scene, a place where the assailant Sasuke in the previous chapter and a mysterious man wearing a robe Akatsuki.

"He moves ..." said the mysterious man

"I know ..." replied the attacker Sasuke, boy Sharingan eye.

"All right, enough spy on him ... we are no jobs, Shin" continued the mysterious man

From this conversation, it is known that the assailant Sasuke, a boy Sharingan eye named Shin.

"Bring me his son ... who wear glasses ... who wear the emblem Uchiha clan ..." command the mysterious man

Very surprising, mysterious man also has a sharingan eye. There stitches around his eye. Possibly, a creature that was overseeing Sarada and hiding behind the bushes, his eyes connected with this man's eyes.
Shin's Sharingan eyes

Scene switches to Sarada and Chouchou who was running while carrying supplies for Naruto.

"Hey, it does not matter when he eat it but ... if you run that fast, bento will be destroyed," said Chouchou

"We have to hurry if you do not want to miss !!!" said Sarada
"And ... the point he had to eat it"

Looks beside a street filled with trees. Someone wearing a robe Hokage was running, yes it is Naruto. From the eyes of Naruto, it is Sennin mode. With Sennin mode, Naruto knows that he is being followed. However, Naruto was not knowing who to follow.

"They're still following me ... It feels ... strange indeed when they hide, but ..." inner Naruto

Naruto stops his run.

"Maybe I should go there rather than waiting for them, Huh ..." said Naruto and finally turned toward Sarada and Chouchou.

Scene switching, Chouchou looked exhausted from running.

"I ... I can not ... run again ..." said Chouchou

"Well, if you can not run, you can roll" advice Sarada

"Sure enough," said Chouchou

Sarada realizes something to him.

He is Shin. Sarada surprised to see the eyes Sharingan of Shin.

"Those eyes ..." inner Sarada

"What ... are you familiar with him?" asked Chouchou

"Come here ... come ... with me ..." persuaded Shin

"Who are you ...?" asked Sarada

"Shin Uchiha" said Shin introduces himself

"Uchiha ... ???" said Sarada wonder

"So ... he's someone who you know, right?" said Chouchou

Sarada wonder there are Uchiha other than himself and her father, Sasuke.

"But mom says if the father is remaining Uchiha ..." inner Sarada

"Come here ..." Shin said, taking out a roll

"What if I refuse?"

"Your father told me ... to bring you to him ... you ... have to come !!!"

Sarada put provision to Naruto on the ground.

BOF ...
From Shin rolls, out of a large shuriken weapon tied with chains.

"I'll make you ..." said Shin

Chouchou surprised
"Huh !? what will he do to us?"

Shin turning his weapon and started to attack.

Sarada jumping and throwing kunai towards Shin. However, easily deflected by Shin using chain. TRING TRANG TRING ...

Sarada down and stepped on Shin chain. Then, Shin pulled the chain that shuriken leads to Sarada.

"Chouchou" inner Sarada

Turns Chouchou sneak up behind Shin to attack. Without the seal, Chouchou issues the moment
"Partial multi-size technique"

Unfortunately, Shin know Chouchou behind because sharingan eye.

Chouchou's giant hand hit the ground to crack. Shin avoid Chouchou's attack by jumping and binding Chouchou hands with chains.

"Woah" shouted Chouchou

Sarada slip as stepping Shin chain. Chouchou fell and Shin prepared the attack to Chouchou with the weapon.

"You ... do not need ..." said Shin

"Chouchou !!!" shouted Sarada

Shin slammed his weapon.

Sarada felt something strange and glanced to the side and heard

"Well, this was too much ... to fight against children ..."

SET ...
Visible Hokage robe, and it is Naruto's voice. Fortunately, they had Naruto save Chouchou. If not, Chouchou has been killed by weapon Shin.

"But I thought, the children of my village too great," Naruto said holding Sarada and Chouchou.

"Nanadaime" said Chouchou

Shin was surprised someone came to rescue them. Shin showed Sharingan.

"Sharingan ... oh so that you ..." said Naruto

Naruto meet with Shin, a boy with Sharingan eyes. Is Shin will continue the fight or going? We look forward to the next story in Naruto Gaiden chapter 704

Chapter 703 - END

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