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Nanadaime (seventh Hokage) Naruto has come. Shin Uchiha must defeat Naruto first if you want to carry away Sarada.

"Nanadaime come save us! Even for the sake of people like us, he ..." inner Chouchou

"I'm sorry, but I will hasten it ... because there are so many who want to ask," Naruto said in Shin

Shin was silent. His face was serious and annoyed because his intention was prevented. Slowly, Sharingan eye of Shin turned into Mangekyou Sharingan. Sarada was surprised to see the changes Shin's eyes.

"Ahh, so yes ..." said Naruto
"To have Mangekyou Sharingan too ..."
"At this rate, I can not mess with this kid"

Crackle ... Crackle ...
Naruto preparing to fight. His body was covered by a chakra. Meanwhile, Shin attack by using his eyes. His Mangekyou staring at Naruto. From behind Naruto, Shin weapon disintegrated and leads to Naruto. Some fragments of weapons Shin shaped like Kunai, deflected by the hand chakra Naruto. Sarada, Chouchou, and Shin amazed.



A sileut appear in the image. The partner Naruto, yes it is Kyūbi aka Kurama and said "Naruto ... you're going to fight again after such a long time?"

"Only a while"

Naruto had been in vogue Kyuubi with hand chakra waving. Naruto moves the hand chakra to attack Shin. Shin jumped onto a gate pole.

"Just now ... good movements. You're pretty well" said Naruto

Shin was silent while observing changes in the form of Naruto. While Chouchou struck by the form of Naruto.

"What Nanadaime this good? He's so cool !!!" Inner Chouchou

POF ...
A small creature approached Shin and said
"Back before, Shin. You can not face it alone"

Shin turned to the little creature without speaking. Then ...

Naruto in Sennin mode

They go with the help of Mangekyou Kamui little creature. Naruto was surprised to see it.

"!!! ??? In fact, he also has Kamui (Jikukan Ninjutsu)"

It is remarkable and surprising. Mangekyou Sharingan from Obito Uchiha could be used by the little creature.

The fight ended with the resignation Shin. Sarada takes a box lunch for Naruto. With confidence, Chouchou said to Naruto

"So is it possible ... Nanadaime is the real my biological father?"

"Huh? Why do you get to have such thoughts?" Naruto said surprised

"I mean maybe it's just the fact like"

"Actually ... uh, what do you mean?"

"It is uncertain anyway, first I want to travel, but ... people go after us. What should we do?" asked Chouchou

"No ... I do not think that he seek Chouchou, but Sarada" Naruto replied as he turned to Sarada

"Who is that man? And why me?" asked Sarada

Naruto approached and held the head of Sarada

"There's nothing to worry about you ..."
"I will protect you and I'll sort this problem"

Sarada was silent. Then Naruto smiled.

"Even with Kagebunshin, you two may not be able to return to the village .."
"It's safer if you shared my original here"

"What you gonna do?"

"For now, I'm going to the tower at the top of the hill. So you will come with me"
"Besides ... I also wanted to meet with her father Sarada"

Sarada never thought Naruto would say like that. Meanwhile, Chouchou protests to Naruto

"Apaaaaa !? We'll see Sarada father? This adventure is to find my father, right?" said Chouchou

"Did Chouji where?" Naruto asked in his heart

"Dad Sarada people who like what? I've never met him one single time" asked Chouchou

"Instead of me that story ... I think it's better Sarada are told" replied Naruto

"I can not ... because I do not remember ..." said Sarada

"That's right ... He was always going all the time ..." inner Naruto
"Well ... let me do the story" continues Naruto

"I asked you ... but I was more worried about my empty stomach ... " Chouchou said, patting his stomach

Hearing the words Chouchou, Sarada so remembers surrogate of Boruto.

"This," Sarada said handing a box of food

"!!!" Seeing the lunch box, Naruto remembered his childhood when he was tied in a timber by Kakashi because he wanted to eat the food rations alone. Then, Sasuke and Sakura distribute food in Naruto.

"Box meal of Boruto. Heh heh heh... Thanks" inner Naruto

Naruto accepts the lunch box.

"Heh heh ... Thanks ... Sorry troublesome" said Naruto

Scene switching, Naruto, Sarada, Chouchou was sitting while enjoying lunch. Shyly, Sarada says

"Er ... sir Nanadaime ..."

"Nanadaime course. What is it?" said Naruto

"That ... that ... were you want to tell me about my father ... like what he is ..."

"Ah! Oh, well well ..."
"Well, he was ..."
"He is very popular among college girls ... like me"
"And he is also quite handsome ... like me"
"And moreover ninjutsunya best value in the academy, salute ... like me"

"The best means only one person, right? Not that strange?"

Sarada smiling proudly to hear the story of Naruto.

"But he did not have a social life and had the ugliest mouth ... did not like me ..." said Naruto

Sarada becomes shame to hear it. Naruto always says 'like me' when in reverse. haha haha

"I mean ..."
"He is my rival. It'll never change"

".... !!!"

"Sarada ... When I saw you, you were very reminds me of Sasuke when we were little"
"Sasuke did not wear glasses. But you're very much like him"
"Especially the eyes. Especially when you've got sharingan"
"But your personality just like Sakura ... Surely you terrible when angry" Naruto said with a smile

Sarada was smiling happily.

"When I'm with Nanadaime like this, I feel very safe" inner Sarada

"Chouchou, your face is very similar to Karui. But, your body is more like Chouji when she was your age !!!" Naruto said in Chouchou

Long story short, they went on a trip. Occasionally they rest and drink.

Drap drap ... ... BRUAK ...
Chouchou fell.

"I'm not very strong. Rest a moment please" pleaded Chouchou

"Apparently, there is no other choice ... Let's take a break" said Naruto

"We are far from the tower, you know," said Sarada

"Not what, Sarada. I'll go with you" said Naruto

"Good" Sarada said, looking up at the tower
"I'm ... going to the toilet ..."

"Do not go too far"

Sarada jump. Turns Sarada not want to go to the toilet. But go to the tower alone.

"... Just a little more and I ... will be able to meet the father!" Sarada inner imagining hugging his father.

"Dad !!!"

Sarada eyes turned into sharingan. But not perfect.

Scene switches look a little door open and above saying 'Ridge Tower'

Sarada entered the tower. Sarada sensed someone behind her. Yes, it is Sasuke. Sarada Sharingan eyes are still active. Her face was filled with sweat from running.

"Dad," said Sarada

"So you managed to find this place, huh ...?" said Sasuke
"Are you a friend of the ...?" Further Sasuke as he pulled out his sword

"Eh? !!!" Sarada shocked

Sasuke did not know that that is in front of him is his son, Sarada. Sasuke pulls out his sword. Will Sasuke swung his sword and cut a Uchiha girl in front of his? We look forward to a subsequent story in Naruto Gaiden chapter 705

Chapter 704 / END

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