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Sarada sharingan eyes are still active. Sarada tears out of fear.

Sword Sasuke slid.

Sasuke's sword stuck in the mast. However, it is not about Sarada. Whether Sasuke deliberately not about Sarada due only to scare it? Sarada obvious fear and scream "Kya !!!"

Sasuke quickly let go of his sword hand and rolled toward the face Sarada. Sarada frightened and closed her eyes. Then, spontaneously Sarada shouting "DAD !!!"

Sasuke stop his hand.

"You ..." said Sasuke

Sarada still frightened.

"Sarada ... right?"

"Yes" replied Sarada

"So ..."

"Yes ..."
"I could tell ... that you are my father ..."

Sarada imagine if the meeting with her father, she would hug her father. But, do not do. Sasuke silent. Sarada disable Sharingan. Soon after that ...

The door opened, Naruto and Chouchou appear.

"Here you are!" said Naruto

"Sarada, what have you thinking?" asked Chouchou

"Sorry a bit late, Sasuke ..."

"Naruto, what is this all about?"

"Uh, I wonder why ...?"

"Why did you bring the kids here?"

"We came to see you, father" said Sarada


"There he is !!!" said Chouchou
"Maybe ... man this handsome ... is a real my biological father !!!" Inner Chouchou

Chouchou the basis of confidence once thought that Sasuke is her father. LOL

"I know that Nanadaime'll meet you here. So, I secretly followed him ..." said Sarada
"Because I want to ask directly from you ..."

"What is that?" asked Sasuke

"... Umm ... I ... uh ... my mother ..." Sarada bit shy to say
"What he's really my real mama?"

Scene switches to the village of Konoha. Shizune precisely in place. Looks Shizune standing and Sakura was awake sitting in a chair.

"Yes, he brought with him an old photo ... Maybe he really wanted to ask her father about it" said Shizune

"Jeez ... my daughter was ..." said Sakura

Sakura stood.
"So, she went to the tower at the top of the cliff that right?"

"Yes, if it was said Shikamaru true ..." said Shizune

"Huh !?"

Scene back to the tower where Naruto and the others were. Naruto did not understand what was meant by the question Sarada.

"What do you mean?" asked Chouchou

"What ... happened ... something ... you said" replied Sarada

Sarada getting annoyed and bit her lower lip.

"Why do not you accompany him?" shouted Sarada
"Did you forget your daughter's face is normal?"

Anger is inevitable.

"And who the woman next to you is wearing these glasses?" Further Sarada while showing photos taka team, Karin, Sasuke, Suigetsu and Jugo.
"You think my mama would want to tell me this?"

Chouchou was surprised to see that photo. Meanwhile, Naruto only wince not comment anything. Sarada spill all the steam.

"Mama did not want to ... and you never return"
"In fact, I doubt if I can trust you both again"
"And also there are many other problems"
"Hufff ... hufff ... hufff ..."

Sarada start panting after removing all the steam.
"What ... what exactly are you doing all these years and where have you gone?"

Sarada continued railed Sasuke and Sasuke remained silent. There was silence for a moment and Sasuke began to speak.
"It has nothing to do with you" replied Sasuke

Sarada not think his father would say. Sarada more emotion made. Sarada could not hold back the tears of emotion came out.

"Enough is enough" Sarada said she ran out of the tower

"Hey, Sarada" Naruto said trying to prevent it.

"Ah ...! Oh ... So, he is the father Sarada ... yes ..." said Chouchou realized. Chouchou realized because of earlier he thought that Sasuke is the father Chouchou. Fat basis confident once. LOL

Naruto out of the tower and saw Sarada was sitting crying.

Whatever my power, because I was a woman. Just cry I can do. LOL

Naruto Sasuke remembered the words first.
"Naruto, listen to me .."

Scene switches to the past

"Remember when we seal Kaguya together ..." said Sasuke
"And talk about forming a white Zetsu army to fight ... Although ultimately did not have that far to defeat ... But, it kept bothering me all along. So I decided to conduct its own investigation on this ..."
"What I found was, the force has been formed"
"Even earlier than we thought ..."

Sasuke was not talking to Naruto alone. But there are other Kage. Precisely this is the Kage meeting.

"What do you mean?" asked Raikage

"This ... is only a hypothesis, but ..."
"I have no evidence that leads to it ... and that means ..."
"It may be that something far more terrible than Kaguya already appeared in this area ..."

"So, there's still an enemy that is similar to Kaguya?" asked Sakura

"At least it's not impossible"

"How can we explain this kind of problem to people who have not even fully recovered from war yesterday?" asked Choujirou
"And the enemy that strong anyway ..."

"But, this is only a hypothesis. So, no need to make people nervous because this issue"
"For a while we just keep secret this issue among the five of us"

"It's a great idea" said Gaara

"Sasuke, I join you" asked Naruto

"You lived and protect this village, the Hokage. Anyway I can only trace Kaguya with my sharingan"
"You just take care of your job and let me take care of my job"
"Is not this 'cooperation' do you want?"
"Please keep secret from everyone except my movements that are here. Make this a very secret mission, if you want"
"The future is bright indeed always better ... right?"

Back to the present. Naruto can not bear to see Sarada sad. He then walked over to entertain Sarada.

"Sarada ... would you believe me this time?" said Naruto
"Your father ... no doubt, is a great ninja"

Sarada moment at Naruto with an expression that is still sad. And turned. She remembered her mother. "Mama ..." inner Sarada

Drap drap
Seen a running leg. It is the foot Sakura. She ran to the tower after Sarada.
"Sarada" said Sakura in the liver

Scene switch. Looks a little creature eyes sharingan which in the previous chapter using the 'Jikukan no jutsu Kamui'. It also seems that the man in Akatsuki and Uchiha Shin.

"We have to prepare ..." said the mysterious man
"Our goal ..."

Extraordinary, visible hand was filled with a mysterious man sharingan eye. As the hands Danzo. The mysterious man pull hood of his robe.

"The revival of Akatsuki"

Visible face of the mysterious man and his head bare fulfilled some sharingan eyes anyway.

"Well," they answered in unison.

Chapter this time quite a lot of shocking events. Apparently there are some other Akatsuki members and all of them wearing the Uchiha emblem on his shirt. They all like Uchiha Shin.

Sharingan eye mysterious man works like it is 'Jikukan no jutsu Kamui'

Looks a building roof and there is little creatures on it. It is a little creature eyes sharingan. Sharingan eyes of a small creature that was working like he was using 'Jikukan no jutsu Kamui'. It seems mysterious man's eyes and tiny little creature is connected.

Soon the mysterious man and Shin was already on the roof of a small creature was perched. They move using 'jikukan no jutsu Kamui. It was true, his eyes mysterious and little creatures are connected.

Scene switches inside the tower.
"Take this and quickly made up with Sarada ... This flavor the broth, you know" said Chouchou holding snack packs


Sasuke felt a presence.

Shin and mysterious man prepared to attack.

"Come on, advanced Shin ..." command the mysterious man as he pulled out a weapon.

"Well ..." said Shin

They jumped from the top of the tower.

Sharingan eye mysterious man turned slowly and stared into mangekyou sharingan Naruto and Sarada. Naruto felt the presence and glanced at it briefly. Then, pretending not to know. A weapon slid toward Naruto.

Naruto tossed Hokage robes the weapon to fend off attacks mysterious man. Sarada surprised by the sudden attack "Kya !!!"

The mysterious man continued to stare at Naruto and weapons have changed the shape to be like a rope. The ropes were attacked Naruto. Naruto deflect the disc that forms the head of Kyubi.

Sasuke come and face the mysterious man who slid. Sasuke pull out his sword. Sharingan eye sight. Both eyes clash with each other.

Sharingan meet fellow users. Fight like whether that will happen next? We look forward to the next story in Gaiden Naruto chapter 706

Chapter 705 / END

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