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Uchiha inevitable showdown. Sasuke vs mysterious bald man with many sharingan eye in the arms and head. They collided in the air. Sasuke welcomed the mysterious man who slid plunge from the roof of the tower, with the sword. Sarada under the worried father.

"Dad !!!" Sarada shouted.

Wuzzhhh ...
The mysterious man throwing a few weapons to Sasuke. Sasuke turned to the right and left arms attention to the direction of the mysterious man.

TRANG tring tring
Sasuke kept all the weapons were thrown mysterious man. While Sasuke was busy fending off, it turns out the mysterious man was already close to Sasuke and extended his hand. The palms are a symbol of the mysterious man. Sasuke swung his sword. However, the mysterious man was detained by hand filled with sharingan. Sasuke was surprised, the tip of his sword was detained with his bare hands by a mysterious man. The mysterious man glared at Sasuke. It seems he launched a stance use sharingan eye. Naruto who are under the care of them seriously.

From behind the mysterious man, Shin Uchiha glide with weapons. Sasuke still held back by a mysterious man. Sasuke activates Rinnegan eyes.

Sasuke issued 'Shunshin no Jutsu' and with lightning speed, Sasuke swap places with Shin. The mysterious man surprised to see Sasuke moved as fast as lightning. Sasuke cast a seal and strike back.
"You're all I'll make surrender"

"Fire style! Fireball Jutsu"

Sharingan eye which is behind the mysterious man's head saw fire attack Sasuke. Shin suddenly thrown back. It was the work of a mysterious man. He uses Shin as a shield to withstand fire jutsu Sasuke.

"The power of the eye?" Naruto surprised

WOAAAHHHH !!! Shin in flames of Sasuke. Shin unsteady balance and ...

Shin hit a mysterious man.
"Ughh ... !!!"

Sasuke grabbed another sword that had been held by a mysterious man.

Shin mysterious man and fell to the ground.

Sasuke landed smoothly on the ground and join Naruto and Sarada.

Looks rinnegan eyes in Sasuke's left eye and a regular sharingan in his right eye.

The mysterious man tried to get up.

"Apparently this ... the power of your eyes ... Uchiha Sasuke ...?"

Sarada amazed at his action.

"W ... wow ... father ..."

"Yeah ... But this is not all" said Naruto

"I really wanted to revival AKATSUKI" said the mysterious man

"This man Akatsuki members who survived?" asked Naruto

"We will make you say everything" said Sasuke

"My name is Shin Uchiha" said the mysterious man

Hearing the words of the mysterious man, Sarada remembered the incident recently. That is when she meet with Shin Uchiha others.

"Shin Uchiha"
"Dad told me ... come with me"
"Will not"

"That means ... the same as the name of the child?" said Sarada

"We'll have plenty of time to interrogate him after the arrest. Shut up before now," said Sasuke

"In other words, they were the father and son?" asked Naruto, do not understand.

"Earlier, he did say, father ...." explained Sarada

Meanwhile, Chochou casually watching them from a distance while eating snacks.
"Aw, too bad. Definitely cool if only the biological father as powerful and handsome father Sarada"

"So ... was he using his own son as a shield" thought Naruto

Sasuke and Sarada are in Naruto's chakra kyubi mode.

"Naruto, take these children ... and also ..."

"I understand ... you still focus ..."
"This time will I pushed through the gap. I'm counting on, Sasuke"

Sasuke move forward. Shin Uchiha aka mysterious man bald doing something with Sharingan eye. Naruto's face looked serious


Sasuke looked back. Sasuke and Sarada surprised.

Regardless of his sword Sasuke and Naruto body piercing.

"Guh ... !!!"

"What?" Sarada shouted surprised

"Nanadaime !!!" exclaimed Sasuke

"This is the strength of my eyes" said Shin Uchiha
"What do you think? I opponent worthy enough for you, right?"

Naruto analyzing attacks Shin Uchiha on the attack ever before. Jutsu Shin Uchiha eye can control the weapon.

"Do not worry, Sarada ... I have nothing ..." Naruto said haltingly
"Ugh ... That's it ... This guy can use his arms to move freely ..."
"Do not tell me ... sword Sasuke too ..."

"At that time ... ah ... they would've tagged katanaku" Sasuke analysis recalling an incident when his sword was detained by Shin Uchiha.

Chakra protective mode Kyuubi Naruto slowly shrinking. Shin Uchiha weapons previously deflected by Naruto's chakra Kyuubi protective mode, moving again and to attack Sarada. Sasuke was surprised by the sudden attack. Sasuke jumps and received weapons attack from Shin Uchiha to protect Sarada.

"Agh !!!" Sasuke pain

"Dad !!!" shouted Sarada

"Peace means the end of the evolution of mankind ... that you all ..." said Shin staring Uchiha Sasuke with Sharingan eye.

"Ugh ..."
"They stopped my movements ..." said Sasuke

"The species that did not evolve again will eventually be destroyed" said Shin Uchiha.
From his hands, came out a lot of weapons. Sarada fear.

However, suddenly ...
Sakura appeared and hit Shin Uchiha.
"You think what you're doing in my dear husband and daughter, jerk?"
Sakura's face looked emotional at all.

Uchiha Shin bleed "Huakkk !!!"

"Mama !!!" exclaimed Sarada

"Who are these people?" asked Sakura

"And I'm on a mission ..." said Sasuke
"What are you doing here?"

"I'm also here knows" Naruto said as he pulled the Kyuubi chakra hands.

"You okay, Naruto?" asked Sakura

"" Yes, soon I'll be fine "replied Naruto

"Eh? B-really?" Sarada said worried

Naruto's chakra kyuubi hand, grasping the Shin Uchiha lying after receiving a blow Sakura. Then the hand chakra Naruto kyubi divide to hold the other Shin.

"Its like this is not going to kill you? do not get cocky just yet! The ability fight of you just had softened" said Kurama

"Do not you say" Naruto said as he pulled the sword Sasuke that had pierced his body.

"I'm sorry ... was the mother intends to tell you" said Sakura

Sarada facial expression was shocked to hear the words of Sakura. Then she bowed her face and turned away. Looks like Sarada disappointed with her mother, Sakura.

"No ... Come anyway ... this is all my fault ..." said Sasuke pulling weapon of Shin Uchiha stuck in his body.
"But instead I ..."
Sasuke has not had time to continue his word, suddenly the little creature eyes sharingan appears.
"We'll take this one" he said

A vortex ninjutsu 'jikukan no jutsu' appear and take Uchiha Shin, Shin and Sakura.

"Mom !!!" exclaimed Sarada

"!? Jutsu space and time?" said Sasuke

They disappeared swallowed 'Jikukan no jutsu'

Quick as a flash, they have moved to the headquarters of Shin Uchiha. Some Shin others held weapon to Sakura..

"Hidden Tricks them a lot too ..." said Sakura

Ugh ...
Shin Uchiha sharingan eye is still active and a weapon slid and so...

The weapon was about Shin who had fought Sasuke. He knocked and knocked unconscious.

Back to the scene on the tower. Looks Chouchou peered into the room.

"I do not want to invite Sarada talk if she was pouting. What now she is improving?"
"Because I hate to engage in awkward situations like this" inner Chouchou

"He could even use jutsu space and time" said Sasuke

"Damn ... we fooled ... Yet this is exactly like the word Kurama ... Boo ..." regretted Naruto

Scene switch. Looks heart of Shin are just exposed to weapon in a tray. Shin Uchiha and Shin another lying. Shin Uchiha body covered with a cloth. On it are the heart of the other Shin and medical blade. Surely this was the Sakura. Maybe Sakura was threatened and told to treat Uchiha Shin.

"Transplants organ?"
"If I take their organs, then that child will be ..." said Sakura

"Hoo ... you're a medical ninja, huh ..? But ... It all happened as a result of your doing" said Shin Uchiha.

"What? Did not you first want to kill my husband and daughter, and a friend of mine ..." argued Sakura

"Then, why are you still worried about the child?" Further Shin Uchiha bald

"You serious?" asked Sakura

Sakura is located in the headquarters of dangerous people. Sakura told to transplant organs. Is Sakura will approve it? We look forward to the next story in Gaiden Naruto chapter 707

Chapter 706 / END

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