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Sakura was in the Akatsuki headquarters after being brought by the tiny creatures eyed sharingan. Shin Other threatened at gunpoint and told Sakura so Sakura that would treat Uchiha Shin and transplant organ.

Throbbing heartbeat. Uchiha Shin and Shin others lying.

"Do not misunderstand first, this is the only child of my Bunshin. DNA is the same as me. So, please begin" said Shin Uchiha.

Sakura seriously. Behind some other Shin brandishing weapons.

"You ... treat your own Bunshin like this? You're not Orochimaru. But how could you. Even bunshin else ..." said Sakura

"Exactly, he is my teacher ..."
"If you want a more accurate, I am old guinea pigs Orochimaru. In order to realize special Bunshin technique"
"They are made by implanting teeth and my nerves"
"Basic heartless snake"
"You could say, they exist only as my body. Stock were reserved only for so me later"
"No more and no less"

Scene switches. Visible Naruto closes his eyes were concentrated. Soon, Naruto opened his eyes.

"It's useless. He did not fall out or hiding in the border" said Naruto
"I can not feel chakras Sakura-chan"

"Hoo, so" said Sasuke

"According to Kakashi-sensei, they had something to do with Orochimaru"

"Well, I think so too"
"Because there are some Sharingan embedded in his left arm, and in some parts of his body"
"Just like when I was fighting Danzo, on his right arm there is also a Sharingan"
"He also got it from Orochimaru"

"If we want to find Sakura, maybe we should go to Orochimaru's hideout"

"I think you're right. But what about the children?"

"They also targeted Sarada. Maybe because they already know that in your son. She is not allowed to be used as hostages as well. So, it would be safer if he come with us"

Sarada cry
"Mother" she said to himself

Chouchou came and handed snack to Sasuke.

"I really do not like the atmosphere of this weight. I've been pretty hard to be heavy in the real sense. So, come on Sarada you can definitely" Chouchou said softly
"There's just the taste of salt, but ..."
"But, with this only if you still do not want goodness, I do not know what else to do"

Sasuke looked at Sarada are still sad and crying.

Scene moved again to the headquarters of the Akatsuki.
"No need to be sad that ..." said Shin

"What do you mean?" asked Sakura

"Therefore, there is finally living beings would die"
"The gene or in other words, cell reproduction .."
"That's what we call the children and this is how I will survive forever"
"In contrast, non-reproductive cells die after a certain period of time"
"In other words, man deceives death reproduce and replicate it. Cells that have been used, sacrificed even though they are still alive"
"In that case, death is ..."
"Obsolescence and wastage of the bodies after he damaged. An inevitable phenomenon" explained Shin

"Even so, that you should not focus on genes, but his body was" Sakura protests

"Our thoughts and perceptions of life in it"
"The relationship between parents and children is not just a drop in the genes"
"Kids are formed from mixing between the two part-genes of their parents. Creating a stronger offspring nothing more than instinct"
"And only the most good genes chosen to continue to live. That is the essence of life"
"That human evolution"
"And along with evolution, we are becoming increasingly effective. This duplication technique is also part of it"
"That is the secret of the ninja, is not it?"
"The more often dragged into the battle, strength and new abilities (ninjutsu) will more quickly be created and only the strongest ninjas who selected"
"The war is needed in human evolution ..."
"And for that reason there Akatsuki"

"You're even more stupid than Orochimaru !!!" Sakura snapped
"Do you think the man was what ... You do not understand the most important thing in being a parent"

Scene switches somewhere.
"Stop it .. I do not want to be called a leader by Hokage" said Yamato

"This person is not my father ..." inner Chouchou

"But ... That's because you will always be a captain Yamato for me" said Naruto

"I've heard most of the stories from your predecessors"
"I'm sorry, but I can not leave this place"
"If anything happens, I have to trace Orochimaru"

"I know ..."

"This time Sasuke is on your side. It would be easier than ever before"

"Okay, let's sneak in. I know the ins and outs of this place" said Sasuke

Visible an ornate lamp form of a snake. Sasuke, Naruto, Sarada and Chouchou began to infiltrate. Turns out it was not an ordinary lamp decoration, more precisely a surveillance camera.

"Through this way"

"H ... Hey Sasuke do not equate this place like your subscription shop. Try a little more alert. (Ttebayo) (Dattebayo)"

Infiltration they were greeted by Suigetsu and Jugo.

"Well it we found out" said Naruto

"Long time no see, Sasuke" said Suigetsu
"This is not the ideal picnic spot for children to know"

"Hokage, yes" said Jugo

Sarada surprised to see Jugo and Suigetsu. Sarada realize that they are there in the team photo Taka.

"Those ... who is in the photo ..." inner Sarada

"Take us to the hideout Orochimaru" said Sasuke

"I think it is not necessary" said Naruto

Orochimaru appears. Orochimaru's face is different from the previous one. He looks younger. it is only natural that because Orochimaru always experimenting in order to always look young.

"Oh my god! I can not believe you're going to see me again of your own accord ... Sasuke-kun" Orochimaru's welcome

"W-why did you even look younger, Orochimaru?" asked Naruto wonder

"Because it's me, you should know yourself"
"Do not talk about unimportant"

"Yes ... Then"

"This man Orochimaru ...?" asked Sarada

"Well, well ... Who are these children?" Orochimaru asked curious

"If he was my biological parents ... He was my mother or my father?" Inner Chouchou
Basic girl this one, still wants to know who the real parents.
"Which Sarada?"


"Your men almost killed my son and harm my wife. If you're planning something, say right now," said Sasuke

"We moved the room"
"This way" said Orochimaru

Seen a boy in a tube that contains water. Yes, it is a guinea pig Orochimaru.

"That ability Shin ... He just amazed at Itachi. He is not a member of Uchiha clan" said Orochimaru

A surprising fact, Shin was not a member Uchiha clan. He was the guinea pig Orochimaru. Shin admire Itachi, because that wants revenge on Sasuke. According to news spread, Itachi killed by Sasuke. Though not like that, Itachi died because of his illness.

"But he left me. It's one of my old trial. Yes, as you can guess, this child who became the right arm Danzo"
"This kid is special ..."
"He did not indicate rejection of the transplant. He has a unique body"
"So I wanted more body like his"
"I apply the technique of doubling on the child's body repeatedly until we uncover the mysteries of genetics"

"Clone?" asked Naruto

"Improvement of techniques your Kagebunshin. Every part of it is the original" Orochimaru replied
"Maybe this can be called a shadow that can not be lost"

"I do not understand. You said they can not be lost. But if you kill them, what will happen?" Naruto asked again

"Copies of this clone will be born again by itself, like twins. Each has its own personality and different ideas. They are made so need time to grow. But the same genes as the father and son or even a brother"
"If you want to take care of them ..."
"You had no choice but to kill them all at once"

"When it comes to human beings, not as easy as it was, you know"
"What you did not feel wrong, after doing an experiment like that?"

"Actually, it's much simpler man than we thought"
"People are out of their own genes. Individuals and how all things related to the individual, we can prove"

"What if not a clone? What about the child and the biological parents?" asked Sarada

"Of course. What do you want to prove yourself?" responsible Orochimaru

"No, Sarada. I do not know what he said, even the sex of course I do not know. To be honest, this guy seems sinister" whispered Chouchou

Sarada looked serious and her mind filled with curiosity.

"Now is not the time to play around. If you know the location of Shin, quickly let us" put Sasuke

"Okay, if the Konoha really want to take the trouble Shin then I also would be helped"
"I'll tell you more details. So let's fairy to monitor space. You do not mind having to work with me again, are not you?"

They walked out of the room Orochimaru trials leading to the room monitor. Sarada which are the most interesting behind Suigetsu shirt. Sarada shows photos and taka team asked Suigetsu.

"There was in the room where this woman?"

"Ah Karin. He was in another hiding place. He is not here"

Sarada seemed disappointed.

"Oh, I see"
"Then, what can I ask you something?"

Naruto look back and realize that Sarada and Suigetsu did not go with them.

Scene switches. Suigetsu and Sarada towards different places.

"What ?!" Suigetsu said shock
"You ... can not be. So, Sasuke is a bitch?"

"Right now it's just my gut feeling. So, I find out who my mother is actually the original. So, help me" pleaded Sarada

"Er, maybe also if in fact Karin ..." imagining Karin Suigetsu thought that always spoiled and teased Sasuke.

"So, what can you help me figure out what to do?"

"Well ... Maybe could you ..."

Suigetsu reached into a desk drawer and find something.

"Strange ... It should be around here" said Suigetsu

Suigetsu Karin remembered the words first.

"What's there on my desk, have become part of my life. That's why no one should touch it. You know, Suigetsu?"

"This is it!" said Suigetsu
"I do know, if this DNA Karin. But ..."
"This DNA matching tool, will prove whether the DNA you two fit or not"

Sarada opened her mouth and Suigetsu take something from the mouth of Sarada using tweezers. Then insert into the DNA matching tool.

Is analyzing the engine running. Sarada heart beat faster and his feelings are not known. Sarada anxiously awaiting the results of DNA analysis.

The machine stops analyzing and DNA analysis is ... APPROPRIATE

Sarada surprised by the results of the analysis presented by the machine.

"Well, like this ... Your mother ..."
"Nothing else is Karin ..." said Suigetsu

Secretly, Naruto trailed Sarada and Suigetsu. Naruto being outdoors interim analysis Sarada and Suigetsu were inside. Naruto's face looked serious. Sarada remembered something words Sakura.

"You and your father are connected by a feeling. So do not worry"

Sarada not felt tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Even your glasses are also similar" continued Suigetsu
"... Ah, okay ... I go first ..." Suigetsu said goodbye out, looking somewhat guilty has revealed about Karin.

Sarada down, crying, sadness mixed with angry during a woman who care is not her mother. Sarada feel cheated. From the results of DNA analysis showed DNA machine accordingly. Coupled with the words of the mother Sarada Suigetsu that is none other than Karin.

"Is it possible, I've done something" said Suigetsu

"You close members Taka... There's always interfere with other people's business. You idiot, Dattebayo !!!" said Naruto

"The one here was Sasuke, you know ..." Suigetsu replied defensively
"So you also already know about this?"

"How could I know ... !!! Sasuke stupid !!!" shouted Naruto

"... Bye ... I'll leave the rest to you"

"Oi !!! Suigetsu ... Wait ... !!!"

Naruto peered into the analysis room.

"H-hey, Sarada ..." said Naruto
"Soon ... We've got to go ..."

Sarada was sunk in despair. What will come out of her mouth ...?

Sarada remembered Naruto's words before they reach the tower at lunch.
"I do not know why, but I felt the atmosphere from you is very similar to Sakura-chan"

"We have to go help your mother, right?" Naruto asked cautiously

"... Lie ..." shouted Sarada

"Eh ...?"

"Nanadaime liar!"


"Why should I help someone who does not even have any relationship with me?"
"So far, I've always been silent. But now I have no idea what else to do" cried Sarada being mixed sad angry. The tears flowed freely down her cheeks. In her anger, Sarada be sharingan eye.

The truth ... It is very cruel. From the analysis of DNA taken from a drawer and Suigetsu of mouth Sarada is APPROPRIATE. But is it true that DNA taken Suigetsu is the Karin's DNA? It could be a Sasuke's DNA. Given Karin love to Sasuke. Then secretly Karin storing Sasuke's DNA on his desk. We look forward to the next story in Gaiden Naruto chapter 708

Chapter 707 / END

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