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Sadness reflected in his eyes. Sadness and anger mixed together to learn the results of DNA analysis is APPROPRIATE. Tears rolled down his cheeks are tiny.

Sarada remembered Naruto's words first.
"Sasuke did not wear glasses. But you still like him"
"Especially in the eyes ..."
"I'm sure it will be like after you got Sharingan"

Sarada deny.
"I really do not want to look like him at a time like this" said Sarada

"So, what would you do?" asked Naruto

"It has nothing to do with you, Nanadaime"
"I will continue my adventure alone"
"Maybe I will not go back to Konoha"
"Thank you for everything"

Sarada was about to leave. However ...

Naruto holding Sarada's hands and stopped..

"What" shouted Sarada that emotion.

Naruto noticed the little girl descent Uchiha clan.

"Sorry, but I just heard this not long before"
"But, if you say this has nothing to do with me, I can not allow it"

"You heard me, then you also understand"
"That really was nothing to do with you"

Naruto smiled and said:
"As I always say to Boruto"
"For a Hokage, the whole village is the family"
"The previous generation, such as Sandaime often say that" further Naruto's face as he imagined the old man Third Hokage, Sarutobi

"So what? It was only pretending to be"
"Father never returned to the village. He did not even recognize his own daughter's face"
"I've been lying to me all this time"
"And moreover ..."
"I just came to understand that in fact I had no real family"
"And also ... you're not me, Nanadaime. The truth is obvious, right?"
"And do not guess my feelings"
"You ... You're not my family" said Sarada, trying to keep her hands off Naruto and prepared to leave.

Naruto does not let the little Uchiha girl go away and continued to hold her hand. Naruto tells his past as a child.

Naruto little alienated and isolated from the village because there is a monster in his body. Naruto tells the story of a small scene. Naruto small sitting alone in swing because only he who fails to undergo the test. Meanwhile, not far away, a crowd of students and parents rejoiced graduation exams.

"Failed" said Iruka

Then Naruto invited talk by Mizuki on a balcony of the house.

"Iruka-sensei is a serious man" said Mizuki

"Both my parents are dead. So I had to do it all alone"
"So I want to know. Why should it always me" replied little Naruto
"I do not feel that we have a similar"

"But he wants you to be as hard as you can"
"You have to try to understand what is the reason Iruka-sensei. Especially since you do not have parents"

Groove continues into a forest where Naruto Mizuki exploit to steal rolls from the old man Third Hokage could Naruto pass the exam.

"Stop !!!" shouted Iruka

"In other words, you who have killed their parents Iruka" said Mizuki
"You are Kyuubi that destroy the village"
"Hokage are very proud that you have sealed it into your body"
"All this time you've been tricked by this village"

"Now he's not a monster fox again"
"What is there now in the village of Konoha is ..."
"Uzumaki Naruto"

Little Naruto cried heard Iruka's the words. After Mizuki was defeated by a thousand shadows stance Naruto, Iruka provide head protection belt Konoha emblem as a sign of graduation.

"Congratulations on your graduation"

Groove continued to fight while at the end of the valley. Where Sasuke was about to go to a place Orochimaru to gain strength to be able to beat his older brother, Itachi Uchiha.

"From the beginning you are a loner" said Sasuke
"You know nothing about me, huh?"

"Yes, maybe I do not know anything about parents or siblings" replied Naruto
"But when I was with Iruka-sensei, I can imagine what it was like ..."
"I think I like getting a father"
"Maybe that's the great"
"When I'm with you, I think I like getting a brother"
"For me ... This is what I call a bond"

Scene switches to the present.

"To you, your bond with your father and mother is not well like that?" asked Naruto
"The relationship does not have to be created from the blood bond, is not it?"
"There is more powerful than that"

"Enough! Actually, what you want to say?" shouted Sarada

"FEELINGS. That's what you NEED" replied Naruto
"That's it. Once again ... Try to make sure itself"

Sarada fall on their faces.

Sarada imagine, Sarada is being held down by the father and mother as a small child who is learning to walk. Flashback to childhood Sarada.

"Hey ... Where's my father?"

"He went to run an important task. If it is completed, he will return"

Grooves run into when Sarada head aches and compressed. Sarada opened her eyes and found Sakura asleep in near him because fatigue of care her. Skip groove and continued in a kitchen.

"Hey Mom ..."
"When is daddy coming home?" asked Sarada

"The mission is very difficult. So it might be a bit longer" said Sakura who was washing dishes.

"What he does not care about you?"

"Huh? Of course care"

"Then why did he not return visit us?"

Sakura then squatted in front of Sarada.

"Sarada ..."
"You and I are very important for a father. That is why he has not been able to go home"
"At this time you may not understand. But, one day you will understand"

Sarada silence with a sad facial expression. Sakura immediately embraced Sarada.

"Do not tightly mother"

"S... Sorry"

"That ... Your face ..."
"So cute that I want to hug you" Sakura argued.

That's the nature of a mother who loved her son. Always trying to make her happy.

"Would you ever kiss my father?" suddenly Sarada ask personal things that makes Sakura shocked and embarrassed to answer.

Sakura looked confused to answer questions Sarada. Sakura thought for a moment what words are appropriate to answer that question.

"Hehehehe" Sakura laughed embarrassed

Sakura of laughter, it makes Sarada more curious.

"What? what happend mom?"

"I just ... just remembered something better than that"

"Mother slob" Sarada said that the perception of others.

"Eh? N-not so"

"So ... What's better than a kiss?" Sarada asked eagerly

Sakura put her finger to  Sarada's forehead. Typical as is Itachi often done to his brother, Sasuke. and Sakura's words was similar with Itachi. Sarada confused about it.

"I let some other time, yes."

"Why, all of a sudden say that?"

"You'll understand when meet with your father later" she answered with a smile

Skip groove continues in school. Sarada open lunch box food. While chewing food, Sarada holding her forehead that had touched by Sakura and recalled when Sakura touched his forehead in the kitchen. What do Sarada exactly as it did Sasuke's chilhood when together with Itachi.

Back to the present. Sarada cry remembering her childhood along with Sakura were attentive and affectionate. Apparently Naruto advice works well.

"Mother..." Sarada said crying and holding her forehead.

Naruto touched to see Sarada.

Hiks Hiks Hiks
"I think I did ... Should help the mother" continued Sarada and wiped her tears.

"So" said Naruto

"But ... How ... Let me could make everything back to normal?"

Naruto holding both of Sarada's hands.
"Genuine or fake, it's not a problem"
"If you really feel want to help him"
"So, it is your feeling of the original"
"So, let's go save your mother"

Sarada change Sharingan eye to the naked eye. Now, Sarada's feeling better than before.

"Yes" replied Sarada

Sarada and Naruto rushed out after Sasuke and others. Once outside ...

"You people from anywhere?" Sasuke asked somewhat annoyed

"Definitely get lost, right? This place is tricky anyway" said Suigetsu

"There is a need to talk to you after this" said Naruto

"About what?" asked Sasuke

"First, we help Sakura-chan first"

"Maybe she's dead, you know" said Orochimaru

"My wife is not a weak woman"
"In fact, perhaps, when we arrived there later, she took care of everything"

Looks both of Sasuke's eyes. Right eye is sharingan and left eye is Rinnegan.

"I know the location where. So all follow me"
"Finally, the strength of my eyes is back"

Sasuke's eyes spun and changed. Now, right eye is a mangekyou sharingan and left eye is a Rinne-sharingan.

"So ... Recently the strength of your eyes is weaken?"
"Tell me more clearly"

"I seek their location through the dimensions Kaguya"
"The search in there, takes a lot of chakra"

Crackle Crackle
Sasuke's shoulders issued chakra and ...

Susano'o appear.

"No ... You have no right to grumble at me"

"So what was that battle? Do not make these kids disappointed"

"Shit, I do not want to be told by you. Especially about making kids disappointed" Naruto bit of emotion

"Sarada ... Your father is actually who?"
"Maybe it was not him the strongest. But he obviously was amazing"

Sarada and Chouchou amazed seeing at Sasuke's Susano'o.

Moving scene at the headquarters of Shin. A heart lying on a tray operation.

"My goal is a ..." said Shin
"To finish the peace lovers like you and their anyone who tried to block my path"
"And you are one of them"

Krek krek krek
Sakura prepare her fist.

"Indeed you are? Offhand want to find out about my husband" Sakura said with a serious face and wanted to kill them

"I'm just playing for time by pretending to listen to it ... Understand?"

Boxing wife, who is upset will soon be released. Emotions Sakura has peaked. Do not underestimate Sakura. After all, Sakura was a student of Tsunade one of the trio Sannin legendary. Is it just with Sakura alone is enough to kill the gang members new Akatsuki? We look forward to the next story in Naruto Gaiden chapter 709

Chapter 708 / END

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