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Organ transplantation has been completed.

Prak Prak Prak
Thousands of small blades together and form a sleeve for Shin. Countless Blades. Sakura take seriously. Behind Sakura, some other Shin gunpoint. Meanwhile, above the clouds a Susano'o fly. Departing help Sakura. Susano'o dancing in the sky. Sarada notice Sasuke in front of him. Then think about Sakura. Sarada given before this incident.

"No ... It's my fault. After all you do not need to apologize" Sasuke said as he winced in pain revoke Shin knife.
"My wife is not a weak woman"

"How did this man to my mother?" inner Sarada
"Actually there is nothing between the two of them?"
"The woman in the photo with my father and she too is ..."

Naruto holds Sarada's shoulder. Sarada shocked. Naruto gave a smile on Sarada seemed to understand that Sarada being in doubt. Seeing Naruto smile, Sarada smiling and vacillation disappeared.

"For now there's no point thinking about it"
"As Nanadaime says"
"All I have to do now is to help the mother"
"other than that no longer" Sarada said in her heart

"Right around here" said Sasuke
"Naruto, I'll leave you to detect them"

"OK" replied Naruto

Seen some rocks hollow. Yes, this is the headquarters of Shin.

Duarrr ...
A boom and smoke out of a rock. Of smoke, it seems Sakura among the rocks. Shin throw shuriken made from a collection of knives.

Wunggg Wuzzzhhh
Shuriken drove toward Sakura.

A sword chakra of Susano'o and shuriken throwing slashing Shin right arm made of knives.

Blammm Blammm
Shin others hiding behind rocks to avoid attack Sasuke.

"What?" Shin turned to the right and left of curiosity what actually happened. Soon after that ...

Susano'o Sasuke grasped Shin and crushed his body.

"Gaaaaahhhh !!!" Shin shouted in pain

"Mother" Sarada call Sakura

Sasuke took a knife of Shin who stuck in the arm Sakura then burn with Amaterasu. From the previous fight, Shin can control the objects of much use mangekyou. Therefore, Sasuke burn knife Shin with Amaterasu.

"Honey... Thank you" said Sakura

"You can heal your wounds themselves, right?" said Sasuke


"Indeed, if her strength had returned, Sasuke is very strong" said Naruto

"Awww !!! Why he is Sarada's father and not my father" said Chouchou amazed at Sasuke.

Susano'o down to the ground. Some Shin others are still hiding behind the rocks and watched the enemy coming.

"We've got his bones. He was not able to move again," said Sasuke
"We're taking you to Konoha to find out what you know"

Sasuke eliminate Susano'o form.

"PFF ... do not believe first" Shin said that looks already dying
"Right now I have to use as bait Shin and go from here temporarily" Shin said in the heart.

Shin moving backwards like trail and behind a few other Shin out of hiding.
"Do it, all of you"

Suddenly ...

Jleb Jleb Jleb
Shin others instead of helping, but instead stabbed him to use a weapon shaped like a shuriken. Unexpected betrayal. Naruto and the others shocked at the betrayal.

"W ... What are you ..."

"Enough ..."
"Dad ... now you're just an old meat unfit for use and it is time thrown away"

"All of you ..."
"I am. I am the original"

"The strength of your eyes, father ... has been ... weak"
"From now on, we are going to evolve. That's supposed"

"I knew that like this would happen" said Sakura

"They are a lot of" thought Naruto

Turns Shin others not just one or two people. But there are thousands and different body shapes there are fat, thin, short and others.

"Why are you doing this?"

"We also have a great"
"We do not need a father again"

"Uwaaa ... They are so much. There are a few too fat" said Chouchou

"Leave them alone, Chouchou" said Sarada

"It seems they are not bunshin" said Sakura

Naruto did not remain silent and quickly took Tajukagebunshin no jutsu to face the invasion of Shin. Naruto Bunshin one by one to fight against Shin.

Shin giant out from behind the rocks. Sasuke jumped and hit the giant Shin with Susano'o hand.

"Now," Shin said in his heart and planning something

"That is too large also appeared. But what he also clone?" said Chouchou

From behind Chouchou, the little creature eyes sharingan prepared using the usual tricks that Jikukan no jutsu.

Werrr werrr
Shin enable jikukan no jutsu to escape and recover his body.

"I need a replacement organ"

Mangekyou Shin and small creatures equally active. Same as before will absorb some and fled.

"I'll take the girls with me"

"Sarada" shouted Sasuke

"I know" said Sarada and reverse direction then punching tiny creatures that will use jikukan no jutsu.
"Damn !!!"

Only one stroke only, a small creature that has been crushed.

"Already dead" said Shin

Thousands Shin appeared again in the opposite direction.

"Woahhh ... !!! From that side too much" said Chouchou

"Then I'll try again," said Naruto while forming a seal kagebunshin

Sakura stood.
"Backward Sarada" said Sakura

Drap drap Wuzzhhh
Sarada not retreat but instead jumps and face thousands of Shin.

"Both of these jutsu, not lowered without reason" inner Sarada
"They protect me"

Sarada activate sharingan. Sakura, Naruto, and Chouchou surprised to see reckless action Sarada to the face of thousands of Shin. Meanwhile, Sasuke smiled softly. In the air, Sarada braced like Sakura's blow and ...

"Shannaroooo !!!"
"Got you, motherfucker"

Druak Jdummmm
Land is cracked due to blow Shanaroo of Sarada. Emotion, advanced Sarada. If only by five people can beat thousands of Shin? We look forward to the next story in Naruto Gaiden chapter 710

Chapter 709 / END

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