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Echoing rumble. Soil cracked due to shannaro Sarada. Sarada attacked thousands of Shin with her fist. Sakura was surprised to see Sarada can use Shannaro.

Shin others fell down and bounced due fist shannaro of Sarada. Meanwhile, Naruto kagebunshin Shin other face.

One person Shin stabbing Naruto with his weapon. However, easily the tip of the weapon Shin was arrested by Naruto's hand coated chakra.

"Calm down" Naruto said with a sinister looking face. Shin eyes Naruto and... JRENGGGG.... Came Kurama Appear. Naruto brought Shin into the subconscious. Shin who see figure Kurama into shock, fear and trembling.

"If you do not go any further than this, we also do not" said Naruto

Shin else was experiencing the same thing. Everything was silent and frightened out in a cold sweat. Is no more resistance from Shin. Only once saw Kurama, the entire Shin fear.

Syuttt ...
Sasuke approached Naruto.

"You're too soft as usual" said Sasuke
"So ... What will we do with these people?"

"Ah ... Yes ... Konoha has an organization which takes care of children orphaned" replied Naruto
"I'll speak with the chairman of their"

"Hmmm ... They seem to have some kind of sharingan"
"Are you sure you want to care for their children this kind?"

"Yes ... They are still just kids. Just need a little guidance"

Meanwhile, Chouchou fascinated the action of Sarada punching collection Shin with a shannaro. Only one stroke, many Shin fallen and the land is cracked.

"Cool, Sarada" said Chouchou
"It seems like your whole family is incredible. Everything super human"

Chouchou see Sarada sharingan eyes are still active.

"Uh ... Sarada. Your eyes change like your father's eye"

"Yeah" replied Sarada

Sarada own surprise and disbelief could use fist shannaro. Sakura hurried to Sarada as worried.

"Sarada, are you okay?" asked Sakura
"You always make me anxious"

"I'm sorry" said Sarada

Sakura then hugged Sarada.

"I'm glad you're okay"

"Do not tightly mother"

"Oops, sorry"

Sakura let go of her arms from Sarada.

"I've heard outline of Shizune"
"Basic! (Shannaro) you are my son, there is nothing wrong and ignorant children"

"Yeah ... I know. It's really" Sarada said smiling
"We have shared memories. Our feeling which connects us"
"Our hearts are with the father, that's what counts"
"Dad ... What do you feel really connected with the mother?" Sarada asked at Sasuke

"Yes" answered Sasuke brief

"Why only so answer?"

"Because we have you, Sarada"

Sarada touched to hear the answer Sasuke and did not feel the tears out. Sarada happy.

"Good Sarada" Chouchou inner and smiled to see them getting along again.

"Now ... Let's go home!"

They were finally returned to Konoha. Long story short, the entire Shin brought to Konoha.

"We must give a name to each of them let more easily"

"Er ... They are so much. Before it '

Looks room filled by Shin.

"From now on you will stay here"
"That means that from today I am your father"
"My name is Kabuto"
"Do not be shy"

Scene switches in front of the gates of Konoha. Sarada and Chouchou walk in front, while the Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke walked behind.

"Aw! This is supposed to be an adventure to find my father. But, we instead found your father, Sarada. Then my turn. So you have to help me" said Chouchou

"Er ... Yes ..."

At the front gate, seen two people are conversation.

"It's been a long time we can not as much as this mission"

"You mean you've been a long time so that you become over-exert yourself"

Chouchou feel attracted to two people who were talking.

"I have a feeling about the man" inner Chouchou

Because of curiosity, Chouchou approaching the man.

"Um ... What might you is my father?" asked Chouchou

The man turned around and turns ...

He is Chouji who looks slim.

"What are you talking, Chouchou? I did your father" said Chouji

"What? Do you mean my father?" Chouchou surprised because the appearance of not fat Chouji

"Ah ... Yes Chouji. It's been a long time you do not look skinny like this. People who do not know for sure would be surprised" said Ino

"Yes, maybe you're saying is true"
"Um ... yes ... like that"

"Dad ... What is the secret hereditary Akimichi clan?"
"Then teach me!"
"We start tomorrow"

"Hehehehe ..." Sarada laugh

"Sasuke-kun !!!" Ino greetings
"Well ... Long time no see you"

"Chouji, Chouchou had been looking for you, you know" said Naruto

"I'm exhausted from the mission" said Chouji

"Eh, what?"

Sarada signaled to Ino so as not to proceed because of Sarada know is really going on Chouchou. Long story short, it was already evening. Scene moved in the Sasuke's house. Sasuke family was having dinner. Looks joy in the small family. Time passed, and tomorrow has arrived. Visible Sasuke, Sakura and Sarada in front of the gates of Konoha. Sasuke is about to go again.

"When the father returned again?" asked Sarada

Sasuke did not say anything. Sarada face looks sad because her father will go. Sasuke then hugged Sarada.

"Dad ..."

"Do not attach a face so ..."

Sasuke touching the Sarada's forehead as typical Itachi.

"See you later" said Sasuke

Sarada is very happy because her forehead touched by Sasuke.

"Yes ..." replied Sarada

Sakura was smiling and handed over to Sasuke for lunch.

"Well ... this your supplies"

"Ah, yes"

Sakura thrust her face into Sasuke. Seems to want to ask kissed by Sasuke. Sasuke shocked. Sakura's face slightly embarrassed. Sarada stunned to see her mother behavior. Sasuke immediately turn around and excused himself to go.

"Bye ... Later I will go home" said Sasuke

"You've kept me waiting" Inner Sakura

Sakura looked disappointed because Sasuke did not want to kiss him. Sasuke departs with a smile and carrying supplies from Sakura.

Scene switches in a classroom. Looks Boruto and Sarada.

"Thank you" said Boruto

"What for?" asked Sarada

"For supplies of the time. You really gave it to my father"

"No. Due to you, I can reach my goal. So, I should be grateful"

"What do you mean?"

"Not that I could send supplies to everyone in the village. Even ..."
"I've decided to become Hokage"

"Hokage? Cih ... Ridiculous"

Scene moved in the Karin's room, Orochimaru's hideout. Visible box taken Suigetsu from a Karin's desk drawer who in the previous chapter to test DNA.

"Huh !!! That's impossible" said Karin
"I've helped childbirth Sarada"

"Then ... The umbilical cord ..." asked Suigetsu

"Of course, between belonging Sakura and Sarada. At that time, Sakura departed following the Sasuke and the three of us went together. At that time, Sarada born in our hiding place"

"Whereas so far you keep saying Sasuke ... Sasuke ..."

"Foolish! I just wanted Sasuke happy"
"Besides, there is also the name of friendship among women"

"Hoo ... Well, is there anyway"
"But you also really like the Sasuke, right?"

"You just do not understand"
"The relationship that exists in many forms"
"Instead, Suigetsu ..."
"It is precisely you should apologize to Sarada"
"You also owe to her new glasses"
"I think that once I provided is not suitable to him"

From here has revealed the secret which has been a mystery for fans of the Naruto manga about who the mother of Sarada and the answer is Sakura is the mother of Sarada.

Scene switches to Sasuke's home. Sarada smiled at the new family photo of between Sasuke, Sakura and Sarada now. Which is reflected in her eyes is the real thing.

Chapter 710 / END

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